With a New York City backdrop, L. Marie Cook's Not Crazy, Crying Out explores the journey of female psyche clamoring to rise from the shadows of society, love, childhood and ego. This the second collection of poetry by L. Marie Cook.

Fall/Winter  2018 Expected Release

After moving to Bali with a man in love with someone else, a young woman begins an escape through the world of magic, coffee, and international travel. From Southeast Asia, across the United States and France, her journey of failed relationships, abandonment, her father’s death,  are captured through her journal as she searches across exotic boarders for healing, love and redemption for her grief. But can she find the answers she’s looking for without losing all that’s left of herself?

 A collection of poems that explore the thoughts and feelings of dating, falling in love, heart break and falling in love again. Selected poems from this collection were published on Rat's Ass Review August 2016.

Cerebral and bizarre, Boton Halk and Other Erotic Stories is a sensual journey through the ages. From a semen-crazed turn-of-the-century immigrant in New York to a disturbed woman who builds her dream lover out of sand on a post-war beach, and an orgy-bound 1970’s party bus in Los Angeles, this collection of ten short stories presents an array of characters who reveal their intimate reflections and rationalizations behind some very mischievous sexual exploits.

Bold, Brave, Humorous, and Heartwarming, Wild Women's Medicine Circle is a collection of women's voices we all need to hear. Edited by L. Marie Cook 

Published 2011 

"An entertaining, cheeky and simple memoir of a rouge teenage girl." - Kirkus Reviews

"This intentionally shocking sexual biography of the author's life centers around her abundant adventures and misadventures starting at the precocious age of thirteen and going into her early twenties. the running episodes, which are sometimes connected by the same people, are absorbing, candid and utterly graphic. A powerful, no-holds barred portrait emerges of a troubled but resilient girl/woman succumbing to her sexual appetite for the most part but still advancing into a measure of maturity as she goes from one sexual partner to another. Descriptions of the many sexual encounters are vividly detailed with little left to the imagination. her story encompasses bumps and betrayls in relationships as well as break-ups and reconciliations. Her sexual saga take place at a variety of locations, both domestic and international. Drugs, prescription and otherwise, come in to meaningful play. Recounting of an abortion is particularly vivid. The girl/woman's perspective on herself and her sexual identity, comes across as a very genuine and revealing effort at self-awareness." 
-Writer's Digest