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The Woman and The Well

The Woman and the Well (2018) 24 x 18 in acrylic, paper, graphite, wheatpaste on canvas board


*published in Not Crazy, Crying Out 
as "She and the Wolf"*

I was the Veal
kept immobile
so my flesh would be soft when eaten
I was the elephant
The one they got as a baby
That had thick heavy chains
placed around her ankle
so that she learned at that early age
it was beyond her strength to fight
that she was too small and weak
to pull the stake from the ground
So even though she grew up,
so much stronger
she would look at her chains
and not even try to run away
because she had been taught and learned long ago that she was stuck
and it was long ago she gave up 

I was the girl
chained to the dry well
who grew to love her dry well because it was hers
And she was bound
so she might as well make herself at home
Might as well make herself a home
She made pretty etchings in the stone
she drew pictures in the dirt
she sang and said hello to all the birds and bugs and a…

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