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Available on all digital outlets April 2, 2019
1 Wild Hearts
2 Hurricanes
3Not a Love Letter
4 Baby Cobra  (Single + Music Video)
5 By Now
6 Churches (Get It Right)
7 Wild Hearts (piano solo)
8 Vulture

Genre: Indie/Beachy Art-Rock/

Produced by: L. Marie Cook and Dan Connor
Recorded/mixed by Dan Connor, New York City
Mastered: Scott Hull, Masterdisk
Label: Self-Published

L. Marie Cook (vocals/electric ukulele/ Keyboard/Rhodes/Piano)
Dan Connor (Bass/Synth)
David Fine (Drums - Wild Hearts + By Now)
Zac Pless (Drums- Baby Cobra + Hurricanes)
Furmi Gomez (Lap-steel, Hurricanes - Saxaphone, Baby Cobra)


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