The Tale of the Lusty Lady


Once upon a time in a land called San Francisco a young fresh couple found themselves in search of some kicks. They wondered the glistening streets and alleyways, still slick with the inconsistent and incessant rainfall of the Northwest coast, looking for the famous employee-owned porn shop/peep show known to the locals as The Lusty Lady Peep Show. There were many cheesy strip clubs in the area of North Beach which lies uncomfortably close to China Town, but they wouldn't do. It was the Lusty Lady or nothing at all.

Just as they were about to give up their search through a snaking alley, a drop of water fell on the eyelash of the female half of the couple. She looked up to examine the origin of this invasive water drop which caused irritation to her pupil. As she wiped the doo-dew from her eye her vision cleared enough to read the neon sigh above, "The Lusty Lady".
"Hey! We're here!" said Mary (We shall call her Mary due to her holiness and divine sense of direction).
"Well would you look at that. We found it!" said (we'll just call him Steve) Steve.

The young fresh couple entered through the propped open double doors. A goth girl behind the counter looked up from her magazine. All too cheerful, clearly not realizing she worked in a porn shop, she asked, "Can I help you?"

Steve was staring at the towering racks of porn DVD's behind the goth girl as Mary sized up the middle aged men passing her by as the left the back room.
"Eh-hem, yes, uh. We're here for the Peep Show?" Said Steve with modesty in his voice.
"Sure thing! I would suggest booths three or eight. They're a little bigger and better for couples!" the goth girl behind the counter said all too cheerfully.

Mary grabbed Steve's hand as they slinked past a wall of DVD's to a portion of the store lined with numbered black doors. Mary turned the knob on door number three but it was locked indicating its occupancy. Mary looked to Steve and shrugged. "Let's try number eight?" Steve suggested. "But, I kind of have to pee."
"Let's get a booth first," Mary said. She was starting to get freaked out by the old dirty men entering and exiting the booths around them. The last thing she wanted to do was wait in the hallway for Steve. Alone. Exposed. Well not exposed, exposed. Like naked, exposed. More exposed, like a shepardless lamb in a field of wolves, that sort of exposed.
Mary turned the handled to door number eight. It was not occupied and she quickly went inside. She held the door open for Steve, who did not enter.

"I have to pee. You wait here. I'll be right back." He said to Mary.
"Wait! don't leave me--" the door shut, "...alone" Mary sat in the oddly warm, dark booth. A black little ATM looking cash box was next to the plexy glass window. Little green arrows blinked hungrily for 1's, 5's,10's and 20's. The wooden bench Mary sat on was uncomfortable and she had visions of thousands of weirdo's that had sat that before here. She began to feel a little nauseous, but that also could have been from the smell of damp doggie, cardboard and a hint of B.O. that filled the booth as well.

Mary thought she could hear a woman's voice. She sounded like she was talking to somebody. The woman's voice was slightly drowned out by the faint music coming from behind the darkened plexy glass. Mary thought she heard the woman say, Oh yeah, you big boy, huh?, in a slightly asian accent.
The door to the booth swung open. It wasn't Steve.
"Hey! Occupied!"
The door slammed shut
"Sorry," the dirty old man said.
A little shaken, Mary tried to focus on the woman's voice again. "Let me see!", she thought the woman said, still unsure of where the voice was coming from.
the door swung open. Not Steve.
"Seat's taken creep!" Mary shouted.
"Whoops. Sorry Lady." The door shut.
Mary was beginning to feel like the creep. All alone in a peep show booth. She was wondering what the hell was taking Steve so Goddamn long in the fucking bathroom. And if one more person opened the booth door she was going to have a heart attack.

She stood up to lock the door when she heard a soft knock.
"Who is it?"
"It's me. Steve. Who else would it be?"
Mary opened the door, "You'd be surprised! Oh thank Jesus you're back."

Steve joined Mary in the booth and sat next to her on the bench. He had a giddiness to him and Mary started to not feel so nervous with Steve now by her side.

"I think you put the money in there," Mary pointed to the cash machine.
"Ok. Here we go." Steve fed a five to the machine.

A few seconds went by and then the black screen behind the window lifted to reveal a Thai lady on her side. Her pastel pink and purple bikini top was pulled to the side to expose her little monkey bites one might call boobies. One of her legs was stretched out to her side and the other she held up in the air to more effectively present her panty-less pussy. She looked about thirty-two and had clearly had one or more children deduced from the stretch marks are her midsection, which was dissected by a pink lace guarder-belt. The room that held the Thai Lady was a semi-circle with red carpet, one gold stripper-pole, a mirrored wall and two other Asian girls, who by the looks of it were extremely bored. One girl had a bowl haircut and could have easily passed for a teenaged boy and the other looked like she'd eaten one too many Peking Ducks.

"Hei, ooh a couple!" The Thai Lady said in a slightly Asian accent. Mary recognized her voice as the woman she heard while waiting for Steve. Mary was also taken back by the fact that this amount of communication was taking place between her and the Lady in the peep show Box. Mary was hoping that this whole thing might be a little more, well, anonymous? More of a one-way kind of street. Not this eight-lane highway of lust complete with conversation with the Peep Show people in the box.

"Verwy nice couple! You two arae cute couple! So Big Boy, how 'bout you take off her shirt?" The Thai Lady's voice was so conversational she could have been telling them to make Pad Thai. Mary and Steve started to giggle out of both nervousness and the fact that the naked lady was speaking directly to them. Mary looked at Steve and gave him a nod as to say "OK".

Steve took off Mary's shirt revealing her purple bra. Clapping in approval, the woman gave another command, "Ok. Ok. Now, you grab his cock!" Mary's eyes went wide. "So? Is shis yor girfriend? Cause you lucky man! Yeah yeah you lucky man!" Taken by the compliment, Mary grabbed Steve's cock."Now rub it!" Mary's eyes went wide again and she shot a look of terror at Steve."What? I want show too you know!" The Thai Lady said sensing Mary's discomfort. Steve shrugged in a just go with it kind of way. So Mary, ever the good sport, began to rub Steve's cock.

"Harder." Mary did as she was told. "Oh yeah, see I told you, you lucky man!" And yes Steve was a lucky man, a very very lucky man. He reveled in the fact that he was getting a hand-job while a decent looking Thai Lady was watching and commanding his girl-friend for five bucks.

Just as Steve, Mary and Thai Lady began to relax and get into it, the black screen started to close and Thai Lady yelled and knocked on the window, "Hey. Hey! Put more money in!" Her face following the bottom of the screen," In the slot! Put More..." as it shut.

"What the hell was that?" Mary said to Steve.
"I don't know but let's do it again!" Steve put five singles in the machine and the screen went back up.
"OK! Where were we?" The Thai Lady shouted cheerfully. "Oh yeah! Grab his cock!"
Mary Grabbed his cock.
"Now. Take it out. I wanna see it."
Steve looked at Mary, his eyes wide. Mary smirked and shrugged her shoulders in a just go with it sort of way. Steve whipped it out for the Thai Lady to see.
"Nice we got a big boy over hera!" The other girls in the box snapped out of their boredom and looked towards booth number 8.
"Ok. Now lets try some ting else. How bout? You stick your fingers in her pussy!" Mary and Steve both shrugged at each other. Mary Stood up and pulled down her jeans. The only reasonable way for them to accomplish this in the ever shrinking booth was if Mary stood up and Steve stood behind her. This smushed Mary's face up against the window.

From this position Mary noticed that not only could she see the other girls in the box better but with the mirror wall in the back she could see all the other people in the booths. Every single one of them standing with their faces smushed up against the window just like hers. While her experience seemed a bit more giddy and mostly uncomfortable in the booth, the men seemed to be transfixed in some erotic ejaculatory bliss. No wonder these girls looked so bored. All the guys in the booths just stood there jacking off. Mary figured the girls' time in the box must be one endless stream of men looking stoic and spooging. The Poor girls.

This thought motivated Mary to get a little more into it and really give these ladies something to look at, when the screen closed again. Mary jumped on top of Steve, kissing him and rubbing his cock.
"Put more money in," Mary said.
"But all I have left is a twenty?" Steve said.
"So?" Mary said kissing his neck.
Steve was starting to get a little skeeved out as he was sitting on the bench with his bare ass and was also thinking of the thousands of creepy spooge-a-rillas that had been there before him.
"I can't put a twenty in there."
"Why not?"
"That's a lot of money to put in there"
"Well then go get change!" Mary commanded.
"I'm not going out there with this stiffy."
"Ugh!" Mary dug in her purse for some money. "Here I have two singles" and she put the money in the machine. When the screen lifted their Thai Lady had moved to another window.
"Oh well, we'll come back" Mary said to Steve.

They zipped back up and buttoned back down their attire. "So that was interesting" Steve said to Mary.
"Fuck yeah it was! That was not what I though it was going to be," Mary said putting on her shirt.
"It sure was fun though," said Steve.
Mary could hear the Thai Lady talking to new guy. "Oh What do we have here? Big Boy! Grab your cock baby! Yeah!"
"Yeah it was." said Mary
And with that they slinked out of the Lusty Lady Peep Show, knowing full and well that all the men skulking out with them had just spooged themselves silly.


  1. I really like your style; you take adult situations and deal with them in a refreshingly matter-of-fact manner, along with a firm sense of humor. Great stuff; keep it up!


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